If you don’t make a reservation early, you won’t get one and now we know why. We have been trying to get a reservation but we never made earlier enough in the week – that is except for this weekend. So we were just so thrilled to get a reservation.

Little Sister was created by Jennifer Gittins and Michael van den Winkel, the owners of nearby Quince Bistro, and offers mid-town Toronto Indonesian-Dutch cuisine.

Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar. With so many cocktails on the menu we just didn’t know which one to try, but thanks to a great waiter – he helped us to make our decision.

We started off with the “Little Brother” which was the perfect choice for us!


We later switched to another drink because we wanted to try another great cocktail we had never experienced before. ( I was trying to be creative with the photo ;))

We started with the  “Rendang Taco” made with Beef, Coconut Cream, lettuce and pickled red onion. Delish!


Our second started was the “Pangsit”  which are jakarta wontons made with beef, green onion, and chili lime sauce! Double Delish!


We had to do a little satay of course – and since we selected other beef starters we went with the Satay Ayam made with chicken and peanut sauce. Triple Delish!


Then our first shared main arrived:  “Semur Java” a javanese dark spiced braised beef with Crispy Potato and Green Onion. OMG – you must order this dish!


Then we experienced  he Babi Panggang which is roasted pork belly, pickled bean sprouts and fresh chili sauce. This was our top pick of the night. And we can’t wait to try it again!


Be sure to check out Little Sister!

Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar
2031 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2A2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/littlesisterto
Instagram: https://instagram.com/littlesisterto/