GE and TrendHunters took a look at the top 5 tech trends for 2016, to showcase how GE is pushing forward to meet the needs of tech-savvy home owners. Here’s a summary of the top five trends, and a look at GE’s Designer Line Laundry.

Dual Purpose Prep

Your phone is more than just a phone. Your computer isn’t just something that sits on a desk – it’s a tablet, laptop, etc and it connects you to the world. To attract Millennials and Gen Z’s (the generations that are coming up as home buyers) appliances have to have more than one purpose. Why? Multi-tasking is the norm for Millennials (1982-1994), who work on an average of 3 screens, and Gen Z’s (1995-2009) have an average 8-second attention span. The more something does, the more convenient it is for these upcoming generations.

Clean Connectivity

Organic designs, that are intuitive – a user should know how to use the tool by just simply using it. The evolution to touch screen phones and the ease at which users adapt to them is a great example of intuitive designs, with minimalistic designs.

Remixed Retro

From fashion, to interior design, to retro-looking technology, never has there been a greater wave of nostalgia and in such a range of eras. All the way from the 1920’s telephones, to the 1950’s furniture, and the 1990’s gaming consoles. Everything old is new again.

DIY Health

From Pintrest to Instagram you’ll find a huge focus on DIY health. Whether is growing your own mini vegetable garden to cleaning products from natural sources, to supporting companies that use organic ingredients. People are taking more interest in their everyday health and the things they put in, and on their bodies.

Connected Home

This past year saw a great interest in the home’s of the future, and technology companies are now looking at home they can connect technology and information in the home together. Whether it’s monitoring energy usage via your smartphone, connecting televisions together (so you can start watching a programme in one room, and continue in another). The connected home is about integrating technology and connectivity into everyday life.

 GE’s Designer Line Laundry

GE has brought everything people love about the quality and the high performance of a front load washing machine into a top load machine.

There are pre-programmed settings for some of the most common stains. And it had 17% more room for clothes than previous models – more clothes = less loads. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be wasting water as it has an auto load sensing option. (Plus a Deep Fill option for those heavier, soiled loads.)

Its clear doors let you see what’s happening inside the machine, and it has an all-round sleek design to bring stylish appliances into the laundry room.