Hey Bobblehead

I loved how Christine from Life on Manitoulin announced she was a brand ambassador, with a `Hey Bobblehead`. ` Never in my life would I have ever imagined having my very own bobble head! It’s actually kind of cool!  I guess this is the one time being called a bobble head is actually a compliment? […]

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Mommy Moment is a Bobble Head

Back in May we announced that we were going to have brand ambassadors for the ShesConnected  Conference, one of our first brand ambassadors to show off her bobble head was Jody from Mommy Moment:   `I’m thrilled to have been selected as an ambassador for the ShesConnected conference coming up in Toronto this fall. October […]

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CBC’s The Big Decision is Holding Summer Auditions

Love the Dragon’s Den? The producers of the hit show Dragons Den are looking for Canadian companies for the second season of the business reality show The Big  Decision. Some investing greats are ready to spend their hard earned cash and time on struggling Canadian businesses. These investors have founded great companies now worth hundreds […]

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What is Your Burger Personality?

We all love a good burger, right? I know I do, and there are none better then those made with Canadian Beef! So we all have secret ingredients when it comes to making that perfect patty, but really everyone knows it is what you put on top that sets your personality! So what is your […]

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