Canadian Beef

Carne Asade

Have you ever seen that term ”carne asade” on a menu or in the grocery store and wondered what it really means. In Mexican cuisine it literally means ‘grilled meat’ and is a marinated beef steak of some kind.  The meat can be served alone or in a variety of other ways including burritos, tacos […]

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Beef Kabobs With Peanut Sauce

Summer meals are meant to be quick and easy and it really doesn’t get much easier than throwing some meat on the grill. Well…I guess it does get easier if you are making kabobs. Kabobs are a great summertime grilling menu item because you can really make it a one dish meal. Burgers and steaks […]

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Strip Loin Steak With Sauteed Mushrooms

Our family eats a lot of ground beef, it is an all around favorite in our home whether it is a burger, taco, burritos, chili or meatballs. It is an easy, go-to for many quick and easy meals that the whole family is sure to love. Every once in a while though it is great […]

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Safeway Launches A New Brand of Beef

Many of us are concerned about the quality of food we buy. It seems that Consumers are more inclined now than ever before to question the source of their food products. Where was it grown? What chemicals were used in its production? How far did it have to travel before it reached your corner store? […]

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