Thanks McDonalds for sending me my McCafé Survival Kit

Thanks so much to McDonalds Canada for sending Shesconnected information about their McCafe line. McDonalds created a McCafé Survival Kit– designed for busy Women in the social space to help keep me organized and make those rare moments I get by myself a bit more enjoyable. This is what they sent: a multi-purpose tote bag […]

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Ford Motors Model A – A Delight Even Today.

As many of you may know, Ford Motors was founded by Henry Ford (at the ripe age of 40) in 1903 in Detroit.   Little did Henry know that his family run company would be one of the largest family run companies in the world 100 years later. Indeed, he most likely had no idea that consumers would continue to receive so […]

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Booty Camp Fitness

  What is the Booty Camp Fitness program and how is it different from a regular Boot Camp?  Booty Camp Fitness is Canada’s only WOMEN ONLY boot camp.  It focuses on their three core values:  Fun Friendly Fitness.  Other differences:  This is a program designed for Women.  It provides full nutritional support.  It includes Regular Fitness Evaluations.  […]

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  Purdy’s Chocolates has been in operation for more then 100 years.  This Canadian owned and family operated business is the largest chocolate retailer in Western Canada and the Second largest in Canada.  They pride themselves on their reputation for superb chocolates made with only the finest ingredients from around the world. Purdy’s Chocolates is […]

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