Are you a Woods Canada Explorer (+ Giveway) #WoodsExplorer





Check out Woods Canada

Be sure to  check out Woods Canada website. They are a sponsor of the Trans Canada Trail. Canadians have trusted Woods equipment to be there for them in the outdoors since 1885. It was there then, and it’s still here now. When you trust your equipment, you can ignore it.

The Trans Canada Trail has 5 goals:

  • To build a national legacy by creating a sustainable gift to future generations
  • To inspire active living and transportation
  • To preserve green space and promote conservation
  • To deepen the awareness of Canada’s history, culture, and natural heritage
  • To increase economic development by stimulating tourism and creating jobs

As of July 1, 2015 the connecting of more than 400 trails across the country is 80% complete. Two provinces, Newfoundland and PEI are already 100% complete, with 5 other provinces and territories over 90% complete. The goal is “to fully connect our nation’s Trail by 2017, Canada’s 150th birthday…” ( Nearly 1,300 km of trail was added so far this year and there is 4,800 km left to go – many sections in unpopulated areas with challenging terrain. Once completed it will be one of the world’s largest trails.

Check out the Trans Canada Trail website for more information and to stay up to date on the project’s progress. To find the closest trail to you and start exploring, see the Trans Canada Tail Map.

Hiking and Camping Contest Giveaway

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#Onewalkshoeselfie Twitter Party in Support of OneWalk to Conquer Cancer

This September 12th, thousands of Canadians will join together in Toronto to take part in the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer  Rally and Festival – a 25km walk that supports the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and its research.

And to help raise awareness, Shoppers Drug Mart and Telus are hosting the #onewalkshoeselfie Twitter party, Wednesday, August 26, from 8-9pm EST. Join the party, share a picture of your favourite shoes, and help us spread the word.


To learn more about the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer, please visit their website:

And join us on Wednesday, August 26 for the #onewalkshoeselfie Twitter party: There are ten $100 gift certificates to be given away.

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Canadian Tire Back to Campus Twitter Party


Get ready for back to school with a little help from Canadian Tire and the Back to Campus Twitter Party.

Whether you’re moving into a dorm room or a new apartment there will be plenty of great tips and tricks to help you get campus ready. And to help you even further, Canadian Tire is giving away $2,000 in prizing.

Join the conversation on Twitter by using the #StudentLife, Wednesday, August 19th from 8-9pm EST.

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Canadian Tire Back to Campus #StudentLife Hack Contest


Canadian Tire is helping students (and parents) get ready for back to school with some great #StudentLife Hacks.

Like using a mug to amplify the music from your phone.


Hanging photos up with twine and clothespins.


Using cubed shelves and baskets to store stuff in your living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen!


Check out Canadian Tire’s Back to Campus page for more #StudentLIfe Hacks!

If you have a #StudentLife hack, you can win a daily prize of a $100 Canadian Tire gift card, and a grand prize of a $1000 gift card.

All you have to do is share a photo or video of your #StudentLife hack on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, tag @CanadianTire and use #StudentLife.

The contest is on now until September 4!

For more information please read the Contest Rules.

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Are you a Woods Canada Explorer (+ Giveway) #WoodsExplorer

Woods Canada

The Woods™ legacy began in 1885 with James Woods’ vision and passion for the great outdoors. Today, it lives on wherever your own spirit of adventure leads you. We remain committed to helping you explore, discover and create your own great moments in Canada’s backyard and beyond.

Canadians have trusted Woods equipment to be there for them in the outdoors since 1885. It was there then, and it’s still here now. When you trust your equipment, you can ignore it.

One drop or one hundred thousand drops; the Woods Expedition Series tent doesn’t care about the rain.

In the Woods Heritage Sleeping Bag, it just keeps you warm. So sleep in, and let the waking forest be your lullaby.

If you can’t bring a fresh fish to the kitchen, bring your kitchen to the fish with the Woods Quick Fire Stove.

Well if you want to battle the outdoors with Woods Canada be sure to enter our contest.

Camping Contest Giveaway

Visit the Woods Canada website

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Little Sister Toronto – Amazing Indonesian Food in Toronto

If you don’t make a reservation early, you won’t get one and now we know why. We have been trying to get a reservation but we never made earlier enough in the week – that is except for this weekend. So we were just so thrilled to get a reservation.

Little Sister was created by Jennifer Gittins and Michael van den Winkel, the owners of nearby Quince Bistro, and offers mid-town Toronto Indonesian-Dutch cuisine.

Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar. With so many cocktails on the menu we just didn’t know which one to try, but thanks to a great waiter – he helped us to make our decision.

We started off with the “Little Brother” which was the perfect choice for us!


We later switched to another drink because we wanted to try another great cocktail we had never experienced before. ( I was trying to be creative with the photo ;))

We started with the  “Rendang Taco” made with Beef, Coconut Cream, lettuce and pickled red onion. Delish!


Our second started was the “Pangsit”  which are jakarta wontons made with beef, green onion, and chili lime sauce! Double Delish!


We had to do a little satay of course – and since we selected other beef starters we went with the Satay Ayam made with chicken and peanut sauce. Triple Delish!


Then our first shared main arrived:  “Semur Java” a javanese dark spiced braised beef with Crispy Potato and Green Onion. OMG – you must order this dish!


Then we experienced  he Babi Panggang which is roasted pork belly, pickled bean sprouts and fresh chili sauce. This was our top pick of the night. And we can’t wait to try it again!


Be sure to check out Little Sister!

Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar
2031 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2A2

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Periscope Chat with Rosie MacLennan

Join Rosie MacLennan, a World and Olympic champion in the trampoline event, for a live online Q&A, hosted by Canadian Tire.

To participate, download the Periscope app on your Apple or Android device and follow @CanadianTire. Then log in on Wednesday, August 5 from 6:45-7pm EST to hear about her experiences in the Olympics and her role as a Jumpstart Ambassador.


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Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist Rosie MacLennan Live Q&A on Periscope August 5th 6:45pm ET #WannaPlayChat #RoadToRio #Rio2016

Rosie MacLennan

Working around her athletic training, competition and school schedule, Rosie’s part-time role as a Canadian Tire Jumpstart Ambassador will draw on her experiences, from the playground to the podium, to help raise awareness and funds necessary for children in need to participate in sports and recreational activities across Canada.

“Rosie has been extremely successful in the sports world and it is an honour to help launch her successful career in the corporate world,” said Doug Nathanson, Senior Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer of Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited. “Canadian Tire has long been committed to building the state of sport in Canada and given our shared belief in the power of sport, Rosie being part of our team is a natural fit.”

“I am so excited to be joining the Canadian Tire Family of Companies.  My new role helps me develop and share my love of sport in an entirely new way,” said 25 year-old Rosie MacLennan. “Joining Canadian Tire gives me the opportunity to be part of a different kind of team than I am used to and I look forward to jumping in and rising to the challenge.”

 About Rosie MacLennan

Born August 28th, 1988 in King, ON, Rosannagh (Rosie) MacLennan is the reigning World Trampoline champion and Canada’s only gold medallist at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Rosie is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in exercise science at the University of Toronto. As the youngest of four, Rosie grew up in an active, sports-oriented family in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  Even off the trampoline, she remains active through some of her favourite sports like skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding or dancing.

At age 11, Rosie began competing internationally and was the Canadian National Women’s Champion in 2005, 2009 and 2011.

At the 2007 World Championships in Quebec City, Rosie earned a spot for Canada at the Beijing Olympics.  At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Rosie qualified for the finals and finished in 7th place.

In 2011, Rosie won a gold medal at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, a second place finish at the 2011 Trampoline World Championships in Birmingham and first place at the Olympic test event.

At the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Rosie received a score of 57.305 for her final routine. With her score, she reached a new personal best and earned Canada’s first and only gold medal at the Games and Canada’s first trampoline gold medal ever.

In November 2013 MacLennan won the gold medal at the World Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Then in May 2014, MacLennan won the Canadian National Championship in Ottawa.

Rosie MacLennan can do the most difficult routine in the world of women’s trampoline.  Bouncing 18 feet in the air is always a risky endeavour, and just last month she over-rotated on a jump and suffered a concussion.

“Until earlier this week it was still a question mark if I would be able to compete or not,” MacLennan said referring to the 2015 Pan Am Games “I’m so happy I was able to.”

Not only did she make it to the trampoline final at the Pan Am Games before a packed house, she won the gold medal — by leaps and flips.

“You know the country has your back and there are a lot of people supporting you, but feeling that energy in the room, you really can’t match that,” MacLennan said.

MacLennan, who sports scientists refer to as a human spring for her ability to transfer muscular energy into bouncing power on a trampoline, had hoped to showcase her top routine of three triples, the most difficult in the women’s international field. But the 28-year-old from King City, Ont., opted not to do it because the concussion set back her training.

“I wanted to stick with a routine that I was comfortable and confident in,” she said.

Without confidence comes shakiness: “That’s not what you want jumping 18 feet in the air.”

But even when she’s healthy, deciding to use her three-triple routine — she took silver at the last world championships with it — is risky. There are easier ways to win given the scoring system that values height and perfect form over difficulty. But MacLennan knows the sport will keep evolving and, though no other women are currently doing three triples (most do two at the elite level), her strongest competitors, the Chinese, may have them by Rio.

Coach Dave Ross says Rosie wants to be in the forefront of the sport rather than playing catch-up.

With another gold around her neck, what could Rosie’s plan be now?

“Get those three triples,” Rosie said.

We know we certainly can’t wait for Rosie to spring into action with those triples at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

 Join Rosie for a live Q&A on Periscope hosted by Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire (@CanadianTire) will be hosting a live Q&A with Rosie (@RosieMacLennan) on Periscope Wednesday August 5th at 6:45pm ET as a warm up to the 8pm #WannaPlayChat #RoadToRio twitter party!

Be sure to follow @CanadianTire and @RosieMacLennan on Twitter and set your periscope notifications ON to be reminded when the broadcast is Live!  Then join us for the #WannaPlayChat #RoadToRio Twitter party for your chance to win one of $1,000 in prizes available to be won!


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#RoadtoRio Olympics & #WannaPlayChat Twitter Party


With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio in our view,  Canada’s Olympic team is busy training.  They are setting their goals on the #RoadtoRio!

Canadian Tire has ALWAYS been a big supporter of our Canadian athletes. In preparation for the Olympic games, Canadian Tire is asking, “How will you and your family get ready for the 2016 Olympics?”

Although we can’t all be cheering on our amazing Canadian athletes in Rio we can still stay fit and have our own Olympic challenges here at home.

You can do anything –  from challenging yourself to try some of the Olympic sports, to setting yourself a personal goal and tracking your improvement.  Even as get creative and make your own backyard  mini Olympics with the family.  There are plenty of ways to take part in the Olympics.

The countdown to the Rio Olympic Games is on!

To help you get in the spirit, and show your support for the athletes, join us this August 5th at 8pm EST for an Olympic Twitter Party hosted by Canadian Tire.


Brianne Theisen-Eaton  (heptathlete, 2 time World silver medalist & 2012 Olympian) and
Mark de Jonge  (sprint kayaker, 2014 World Champion, 2013 World silver medalist & 2012 Olympic bronze)

It’s YOUR chance to ask Olympians about their training and experiences during the Olympic Games.

Plus there’s $1000 in prizing. Be sure to join at

We’d love to see how you and your family are sharing the Olympic spirit.
Post your family’s challenges and Olympic adventures on Twitter and Instagram with #RoadtoRio.

We will even have a LIVE Periscope with Rosie MacLennnan  (2012 Olympic Gold medalist for trampoline)- you can catch it before the chat from 6:45pm – 7:30pm.


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3-Star Rated Recipe for Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Summer is in full swing and we are all super busy! Between work; shuttling kids back and forth to summer activities; week-ends at the cottage; camping trips; tending to the lawns and gardens and trying to squeeze in a little down time, who has the time or inclination to research and prepare huge healthy meals?

I have been following the Guiding Stars at my local Loblaws store in an effort to eat healthier. With its 0 – 3 stars rating shown on food item tags, it is an easy way to tell at a glance how healthy a product is.

I also follow my Personal Guiding Stars Profile. This is a tool that tracks the amount of Guiding Stars® rated products in your grocery shop and assigns a level from 1 to 5. The greater the number of starred products in your cart, the higher your level will be. It can even show you how your basket rates compares to the rest of Canada, your province, and your local grocery store.


One of the many perks of your Personal Profile is the healthy recipes that are offered. Just today I went to my Personal Profile looking for an light and easy, yet healthy recipe for tonight’s dinner and found this great 3-star rated recipe for:


Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce


  • 6  large eggs
  • 1/2 cup (125 mL)  PC Sourdough Croutons – Lightly Buttered
  • 1 jar (700 mL)  PC Organics Pasta Sauce – Tomato & Basil
  • 2 tbsp (25 mL)  chopped fresh basil


  1. Pour pasta sauce into large shallow saucepan or a large frying pan. Stir in 1/2 cup (125mL) water. Heat over medium heat until bubbling.
  2. One at a time, crack eggs open onto a saucer and drop gently into simmering pasta sauce,placing lip of saucer as close to surface of sauce as possible. Reduce heat to medium-low,cover pan and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until egg whites are firm and yolks are cooked todesired doneness.
  3. Spoon eggs and sauce into warmed bowls. Top with croutons and basil. Serve with salad andtoast, if desired. Makes 3 adult servings or 6 child servings. (Source:

Nutritional Information

per cup serving ( Per adult serving ) 

Calories 310 cal
Fat 15 g
Sodium 1150 mg
Carbohydrate 28 g
Fibre 3 g
Protein 17 g
Halve numbers for nutritional information on child’s half-size portion.

Like the recipe states, bet you never thought of poaching eggs in pasta sauce! This is a quick, easy and healthy 3-star Guiding Stars supper. Perfect for nights when the tummy is empty and the cupboard is almost bare!

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