Mirror Ball 2014 After Party Event ~ Tickets Available for first time in 23 years!

Cancer is something that can take a toll on many lives, not only the person struggling with it.  It can also make a woman fell physically and emotional overwrought.   With amazing foundations like Look Good, Fell Better & FacingCancer.Ca, women struggling with cancer can get support needed to help themselves take control and gain a much-needed emotional and physical confidence boost.

This November 22nd marks the annual and coveted “Mirror Ball” Event, but this year, there is a new and exciting twist!  The otherwise exclusive, black-tie affair is the foundations largest fundraiser and this year, for the first time in 23 years, they are opening their doors to an exclusive After Party.


With partnering brands including Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, ICON, Sephora and more, Mirror Ball helps support Canadian women as they battle cancer.  Through the Look Good Feel Better and FacingCancer.ca foundations, The Mirror Ball is an exquisite event that no one will want to miss this year.  With the award-winning DJ 4Korners performing and mixing things up until well into the early hours, tasty food and flowing beverages, you will have the time of your life, all while supporting a very wonderful, worthy cause. There will also be amazing prizes given out throughout the night.

Why not attend a worthwhile event with family and friends and help support a wonderful cause that helps empower women struggling with the physical and emotional affects of cancer.

This event will take place at Liberty Grand in Toronto.  Tickets are now available for purchase.




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Target & TOMS Are One For One, For All! #TOMSforTarget

one-for-one-for-allWe all love TOMS, the shoe company that is also a philanthropic force helping those in need around the world. This season, Target is teaming up with this socially responsible company for the One for One, For All promotion.


Starting November 16th, for every Target+Tom’s Limited Edition gift you buy, these two companies will donate a pair of shoes, a cozy blanket or warm meals to those in need! 

And Target has more than just TOMS shoes! TOMS has beautifully crafted .021natural clothing collections for men, women and children as well rich and earthy home accessories. You can view their entire Target collection here.

So how are shoes changing the world one pair at a time?

In 2006, company founder, Blake Mycoskie was traveling in Argentina and found that the children in a local village had no shoes. Wanting to help, he created TOMS and promised that they would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair fo new shoes given to a child in need. One for One.

.025Blake believes that we are all responsible for each other: “I was so overwhelmed by the spirit of the South American people, especially those who had so little, and I was instantly struck with the desire — the responsibility — to do more.” With that ethos as its mission statement, TOMS Shoes has given 10 million pairs of shoes to children in need. Along with this extraordinary feat, this company with a heart has provided prescription glasses and sight-saving surgery in 10 countries around the world.

Remember, for each TOMS product you purchase at a Canadian Target store .026from November 16, 2014 through March 12, 2015, TOMS and Target will donate the monetary equivalent of a blanket, a pair of shoes or a week’s worth of meals to Canadian giving partners including the Canadian Red Cross and Food Banks Canada. These vital charities will oversee the efforts to get your donations to those in need.

So with the season of sharing, caring and family soon upon us, partner with Target and Toms to bring a small but significant change to someone less fortunate.


Be sure to connect with Tom’s via social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toms
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TOMS
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/toms/
Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/toms-shoes
Instagram: http://instagram.com/toms
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TOMS/posts





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My Top 6 looks from the Target Run Way Show During World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto #TargetStyle #WMCFW

I have already blogged about World MasterCard Fashion week a couple of times. Click here to view my previous post. This time I wanted to share my favourite looks from the Target Canada run way show. It was VERY difficult to narrow down the looks. But here are my favourite six looks. Which one is your fave?


Next Look

Next Look

And then This Look

Then this look

Then this

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YUP! we Attended the Target Runway Show World Mastercard Fashion Week #TargetStyle #WMCFW

  Thanks for the Tickets Target!  MWAH!

We were fortunate enough to be invited to attend the Target Runway show so we thought we would share the different looks with you. Great thing about this run way show – well they created a Vine version of all of the looks so even if you were not in attendance you can see all the amazing looks, pick your fave ones and then get down to your local Target store!

Part One: Just Attending

Okay so it was a great thrill to be able to attend the Target Run Way Show During World MasterCard Fashion week in Toronto.  Great to sip some champers before the start of the show with some of my fave peeps!

Part 2: Getting Seated

Part Deux – being seated. Well our tickets were  “DG” which stands for “Designer Guest”. Yup we felt pretty special!

Party 3: The Event

Wow! OMG! Shut the Front Door. Totally amazing, spectacular. Great music, great atmosphere, fantastic fashion. I think you get what I mean!  Check out the video

Runway Photos!

Here are some shots from the Runway. I created a post with my favourite looks. Do you like the ones I selected?





1323 1397


so amazing!


Celebrity Highlights

The Gorgeous Coco Rocha was in attendance of course!

Of course no show would be complete without Bullsyes~

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Shop at Target this week-end and get 10% off almost EVERYTHING!


Who does not love a good discount? Especially to a store we like to shop? So that is the reason why I am thrilled to announce the 10% off discount that Target is having over the weekend in almost all its Item. So this weekend is the time to shop at Target since it is for this weekend only. If this does not give you another reason to be ThankFALL then I don’t know what else will.

And to make it even easier to you, my dear readers, just click here or on any of the images in order to print your coupon.

There is so many things I need, I have spotted my essentials for this fall and I can’t wait to go with my girls for a little shopping session. Target is bringing so much for us to choose so believe me those 10% are much more appreciated. I hope you guys are going to enjoy it as much I am and  I hope I see you there.


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World MasterCard Fashion Week ~ Learn all the latest for the Spring, 2015 Fashion Styles

Are you up to date on the latest styles and fashion trends in and around Canada?  This week in Toronto is the World Mastercard Fashion Week, 10/20-10/25.


Now I have never been on the forefront of fashion myself, but I do take pride in that I try to wear clothes and accessories of the latest styles if they are flattering to my figure and personal style.  I like to mix things up from time to time with a bit of retro and new and it always seems to work for me.

Mastercard Fashion Week is Canada’s top fashion event that helps propel Canadian designers into the mainstream, worldwide circuit and give them the edge they need to succeed!

With amazing Canadian clothing designers like Sid Meigum, RudyBois and Narces who specialize in high-end and women’s evening wear, to Rachel Sin and Caitlin Power who design for that tailored, polished “woman on the go”.

You can also find great accessory designers who specialize in handbags and jewelry like Huntress.


This calendar details each event.  You can readily find your favorite designer and see if it is an open show or an “by invitation only” event.  I have to say that I am really excited to see, among the list of high-end designers, Target Canada is also participating in this years Mastercard Fashion Week.


Target Canada has 133 locations in all 10 provinces across Canada.  Target carries the latest styles and trends and is what I would consider affordable style for everyone.


Whether you are totally couture or an active athlete, Mastercard Fashion Week has something for everyone.  There is still plenty of time to check out all of the runway shows and see what Spring, 2015 styles will trend in and around Canada.

What is your style?  Do you have a favorite designer or brand that you just cannot get enough of a love to wear?  Comment below and tell us your thoughts on Mastercard Fashion Week.

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Subway Canada’s #CommitToFit Week 5 is under way + Win Subway Canada Gift Cards

With the holiday season just around the corner, people tend to let themselves go a bit and put on those few “festive pounds” that tend to stay on as the weather gets colder and colder.  Incorportating a lifestyle change is an important way to maintain and even enhance your current condition.


Subway Canada wants to help you change things around and make a pledge to try something new and different and become more active and healthy.  There is an on-going weekly challenge for participants to “Commit to Fit!”  Carl Savard is the campaign ambassador who is challenging people to do more than just lose weight.  Carl is challenging everyone to make an active lifestyle change  by eating better and becoming more active.  Carl’s Crew is a group of people coming together online from parts all over Canada, committing to take a weekly challenge and report their activity at the end of each week.

This week is Week 5 of the 6 week challenge.  All participants have been challendged this week to try something new! Members are being asked to try a new and different form of exercise to keep things interesting and fresh.  From something as simple as trying a new machine at the gym, exploring yoga or just doing some burpees or squats.

Do you have an area or health concern that you want to work on?  What commitment can you make to become healthier, more active and make a lifestyle change?  Although the challenge is coming to a close, this does not mean that you cannot make your own personal commitment to get fit today.  Get a head start on those “festive pounds” this holiday season and make your own personal pact to try something new each week.  You can start with something as simple as replacing a starchy side dish to a fresh green or orange vegetable that is full of nutrients and vitamins with little to no fat content.

Join us for a #CommitToFit Twitter Chat on 10/28/14 and learn more about this amazing campaign.


If you want to monitor the progress of Carl and his fellow ambassadors that are participating in the current “Commit to Fit” challenge, be sure to follow along on Twitter or Instagram via #CommitToFit and #CarlsCrew and see how others are making great strive and progress in their personal commitment to get fit!


Let us know why you love SUBWAY Canada and you can win 1 of 5 gift cards.



Win SUBWAYcanada Gift CArd


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Target REDCard®: Receive an Extra 5% Coupon (In Addition to Regular 5% off) if you Sign Up Before November 10

Why Don’t You Have a #TargetREDcard?

I asked this question to my friends, family, tweeps, blogger buds and almost anyone I have been speaking to over the last couple of weeks. The reason that I was asking everyone about the Target REDcard is that until recently even I  didn’t have one.


I like to think of myself as a smart shopper. I love to get a deal or discount on almost everything I can. Since I am this way I didn’t understand why I hadn’t made the move to get a card. I have given up savings of 5% on almost every shopping trip that I have taken since the first Target Store opened in March 2013.  I attended the opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for the last 18 months Target Canada would have given me 5% savings on almost every purchase I made. And yes savings on each visit. That’s 18 months of savings I have been missing out on, crazy!

The savings happen EVERY time you use your Target Debit/Credit Card. It happens that same day. No waiting for savings. You see the savings immediately, each and every time you shop at Target!

5% Savings on almost all Purchases over the last 18 months – DO THE MATH

If you shop at Target once a week that equals 52 shopping trips per year. That’s savings on each trip. Don’t make my mistake of waiting 18 months to get a REDCard, oh the savings I missed out on. You don’t have to miss out you can start saving now, the only decision you have to make is which of their two REDCards you should get.

Look at your average Target receipt and then calculate 5%,


Get a #TargetREDcard before November 10th and you will receive an additional 5% Coupon

If you don’t have a Target REDcard, now Target has given you  some extra incentive to get a card ASAP!


We want to educate Canadian’s on the benefits of a REDcard. Our American friends are already aware of the benefits so we thought, as Target Fans on both sides of the border we would do our part! #TargetREDcard

Did you know that Target has two payment options that will take 5% off your bill every time you shop. Yes everytime you shop. It is an immediate savyings.

REDcard Debit Option

The first option is debit card option that will debit your existing  personal chequing account. This card can only be used in a Target store.


REDcard Credit Option

The second is their Credit card option, which is the r you can use the Target RBC MasterCard, a MasterCard with no annual fee. You get you 5% off every Target purchase, as long as you’re using the Target MasterCard as your form of payment. It also provides .5% cash rewards on all purchases (outside of Target) as well as purchase security and extended warranty insurance.


If you sign up for either the debit card or credit card  before before November 10, 2014, you will get a a one-time coupon for an extra 5% off any purchase. ( so it is  5% + 5% = 10%)

Open up a new REDcard before November 10, 2014 and you get an extra 5% off coupon with your card to use on a shopping trip at a Target Store. Be on your way to maximum savings and rewards with a Target REDCard!



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Taylor Swift and Target Team Up Again! #thankFALL for Taylor

The Internet went crazy when Taylor Swift’s announced of her fifth studio album, “1989,” back in August. Well actually we went a little crazy as well. We really love Taylor Swift. She is smart, talented, successful and we just want to support her!

On August 18, 2014, Taylor Swift premiered the album’s first single, “Shake It Off“, which was written and produced by herself, Max Martin, and Shellback. The music video, directed by Mark Romanek, was also premiered during the live stream. It features professional dancers, Swift, and several fans picked from Instagram,Twitter, and fan letters she received.[11]    

Well the album will be debuting in a week. The exact debut date is October 27, 2014.

If you are a Taylor Swift fan like we are – you probably already downloaded her “Shake it off” song.  So catchy! We love it so much we even included the video in this blog post.

Taylor Swift and Target Team Up Again!

Well if you are a Target and Taylor fan, then we have great news for you.  Taylor’s teaming up with Target again for an exclusive edition of her album. This marks the third partnership between the duo to date, giving Taylor fans and Target guests access to four extra tracks — including one totally new song and three songwriting voice memos that offer a unique insight into Taylor’s songwriting process and document the early creation of these songs.

Target stores in Canada will carry the exclusive deluxe edition of “1989” including exclusive bonus content, available in Canada Target Stores on October 27, 2014.

1989 (Deluxe Edition) Target Exclusive Album Details

If you live in the United States you can pre-order the album from the http://Target.com Website.


Details of the Album

  •  16 Songs (1 EXTRA SONG) + 3 Voice Memos
  •  CD Booklet designed by Taylor
  • 1 OF 5 Collectible sets of 13 exclusive photo prints
  • 2 exclusive tracks
  • 3 exclusive songwriting voice memos

Taylor Swift

Are YOU a Taylor Swift fan? Would you like to #WIN a Copy of her 1989 (Deluxe Edition) Target Exclusive CD?

Taylor Swift Launch of 1989

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Showing Friends How #ThankFALL I Am

With the coming of Fall, I wanted to plan one last outside barbeque with our friends before the weather gets to cold. I am thankful for my friends and wanted to show them how thankful I am for them! While we all love getting together for an afternoon of good conversation, grilling, and relaxing outside we usually all chip in with the cooking and cleaning. For my barbeque, I wanted to treat and pamper them with a good meal and an evening of conversation without them having to do anything!

The cool weather has been moving in fast, so I needed to get my barbeque plans in action! I wanted everything to be just right and done. Planning the menu and then a list of what is needed always makes it easier on me and saves time. For whatever is needed, I can pick it up all at once and know I have everything covered. I hate being in the middle of cooking and realizing I don’t have everything I need!

I planned out my menu – everything from appetizers to munch on before the meal, meat, side dishes and drinks. As I made out the menu, I wrote down exactly what I was going to need to purchase for each thing. I also checked to see if I needed any condiments such as ketchup, mustard, etc. We were also running low on sturdy paper plates, so those went on the list as well as plastic utensils and napkins. No one wants a stack of dishes to tackle after the barbeque!


I also remembered the last time we got together, our friends had mentioned that playing horseshoes sounded like fun. Well, what better time to surprise them and give it a try than in the nice cool air! So, I added a horseshoe game to my shopping list. I headed to Target  with my list of grocery items, paper goods and my horseshoe game. This was going to be so much fun!


My shopping trip went smooth as silk! I found everything I needed on my list. I even found some cute little table decorations to go on our picnic table! Everything was ready and my excitement was building! Friends provide us with so much, from supporting us in the bad times to celebrating with us in the good times. I am thankful for my friends and I couldn’t wait to show them with a fun filled day of grilling, conversation and playing horseshoes!



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