Like Chicken? Like Wine? Wanna Host a Party?

Boy, have we got a job for you!

Our friends at Chicken Farmers of Canada, Château des Charmes and Emile Henry want you to host a party for you and 3 of your closest friends on December 7th.  It’s getting close to the holidays, and we’d like to get people’s minds on chicken recipes and wine pairings that they can use during the season!

Here’s what you need to know.

1)      You’ll need to be free on December 7th to host the party and have a little time a day or two available ahead of time to prepare.

2)      You’ll need to invite three other people (preferably who also have Twitter accounts and/or blogs, so that they can share the experience, too).

3)      You’ll need to write three blogs about this party of yours – a short one when we announce that you’re one of the four we’re chosen, another really short one in mid-November, when we’re getting ready for the #WineWithChicken party, and a longer, more detailed one after you’ve hosted the party. You’re encouraged to tweet at will, too, throughout the time leading up to your party.

4)      You’ll be asked to participate at the #WineWithChicken Twitter Party November 20th, 2012 at 8pm EST

5)      Chicken Farmers of Canada will provide you with your chicken recipe (sides of your own choosing), and one $100 gift card for you to buy the ingredients you need, and some amazing chicken stuff to help you prepare for your meal.

6)      Château des Charmes will send you two bottles of wine that have been specially chosen to accompany your meal.  You have to try them both.  They’ll also send you some amazing wine-related things to help you with your evening.

7)      Both Chicken Farmers of Canada and Château des Charmes will provide you with an extra, special item for you to give to one of your guests – how you decide who gets it is up to you!

8)     Emile Henry will provide you with a roasting pan, to help you make the evening a success.

9)      You need to have some kind of video recording device – and create a special video about this event, including your rating of the recipe and the wine – as well as those of your guests.  Keep the whole video to 5 minutes or less. You can include it in your final blog – but we should get a copy, too, so we can put it up on our sites.

10)   So, on the night of December 7th, you prepare our chicken dish, serve our wine, tweet during your party, video the special moments, and voila! – A pre-holiday party that you can share! A nice way to unwind before things get really crazy.

If you’re interested in being one of our four Wine With Chicken Party Hosts, please sign up.



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