FP Canada

Money, stress and the global pandemic

Canadians have ranked money as their greatest cause of stress in life (more than personal health, work and relationships) according to the latest chapter of the Financial Stress Index, by FP Canada™. The report is a follow-up to FP Canada financial stress studies from 2014 and 2018. The latest survey asked Canadians about life pressures arising from personal […]

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Money, religion, politics and sex: Canadians share their taboo topics

The saying goes, never discuss politics, sex or religion, but what about money? A new national survey by FP Canada™ finds that nearly one-in-four Canadians feel money is a taboo topic – ranking it alongside those other time-honoured, forbidden subjects. The Discomfort Index, a Leger poll of 1,526 Canadians, asked people to rank their level […]

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