These two fruit trees were first cross-bred to create cherry plum fruit trees in the late 1800s. However, the deep red-colored flesh is very sweet that offsets the bitter-tasting skin. They can have black, purple, red, or yellow colored skin. Eat this one fresh because its incredible sweetness is rivaled by few other varieties . Although no type of plum tree (Prunus sp.) Trees Needing Cross-Pollination. Plumcots, apriums, and pluots are all naturally developed fruits that combine varieties of plums and apricots. Plum Varieties Credit: Photo: Anna Williams. Plums can be divided into two major groups: Japanese plums and European plums. Fruit Trees > Plum Trees > Plum Varieties European Varieties Japanese Varieties. BELLE DE LOUVAIN However, in actuality, the cultivation of plums began in East European and Caucasian mountains near the Caspian Sea. Early Italian Prune Plums. ‘Black Splendor’ plums live up to their name—they have a fantastic sweet taste. Satsuma plums are a Japanese variety of medium to small red round plums. These delicious fruits can be ideally picked in late summers to early autumns. Plums are closely related to peaches and cherries and are widely eaten fresh as a dessert fruit, cooked as compote or jam, or baked in a variety of pastries. Plum Tree Care and Diseases Plum Tree Care, Pruning & Disease Prevention. One of his specialties is plums: He's grown more than 30 varieties on his farm in Palermo, Maine. You can tell if the plums are ripe by gently squeezing the skin. Victoria plums are red in color, greengage plums are green in color and Mirabella plums are yellow in color and damson plums are black in color. Similar to the French Prune, the Italian prune variety is a large, oblong, egg-shaped plum with a powdery coating on purple-blue skin. Before looking at the many varieties of plums and prunes, let’s look at some of the delicious plum hybrid fruits that are popular. Search AC Nursery. To know if this plum variety is ripe for eating, gently squeeze the fruit. Mature plum fruits have a dusty-white waxy coating making them appear pale gray or bluish-green. A plum or gage is a stone fruit tree in the genus Prunus, subgenus Prunus. Plums belonging to each of these groups have a different skin/flesh color, flavor, and seasonality. (Harvest dates are approximate … In New Zealand the most popular Plums grown are Japanese as these tend to have the big fat fleshy fruit that we all love. The following are the few popular types of European plums that are worth your read. If you have been enjoying only one kind of plum, then we are afraid to break it to you that you are missing out on a lot of joy and amazing flavors! Satsuma plums are a semi-clingstone variety, meaning that the flesh partially clings to the stone. They are a late-season plum variety that ripe in late July and August. Its skin is smooth and shiny. Dark red to purple mottled skin covers sweet juicy red flesh that has a firm texture. Maturity Chart. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, the trees of these two types of plums yield a large number of plum crops with Owen T in the midseason while John W in the late season. Plum Tree – President Variety. With so many health benefits, it is good to know that plums come in a wide range of variety. Get your hands on all these different types of plums and either eat them raw or cook/bake them into luscious dishes like cakes, pastries, pies, biscuits, etc. You can also pair them up with savory food items like cheese such as ricotta and chevre, herbs including chili, basil, and arugula, bacon, seafood, and lamb. Plum Tree Varieties (continued - page 2) Choosing Your Plum Tree (continued) TASTE The best way to make a decision on taste, is to understand a little about the variety of plums available. European plums can be found in a number of varieties, varying in their colors and flavors. Plum tomatoes hold their shape well when canned, and are easier to slice because of their high ratio of flesh to pulp. Shiro ripens 7 -10 days later and is firmer than Gold plum. A single plum can weigh up to 8 oz. You can find these fruits in medium to large sizes with moist, reddish flesh. On the other hand, Japanese plums are better able to tolerate summer heat. According to a study published in the Journal of HortScience in 2004, the yellow-fleshed red plums are more nutrient-ridden than the red-fleshed ones. - Thomas Jefferson , (1743-1826) PRUNES: Early Laxton See more ideas about plum tree, tree, fruit trees. The best quality is that Mayor Plums do not get affected by pests. In … Myrobalan plums are small round fruits that look like red or yellow cherries. The red flesh is tart and sweet, and the skin tastes like berries. The other type of massive dark-skinned plum is the ‘John W’ cultivar. About 20 varieties dominate the commercial supply of plums, and most originated in either Asia or Europe. Aug 25, 2019 - Will be added to my color tapestry garden. To make the most of pluots, you will have to look for fresh, fragrant plums that are firm and vibrant in their appearance. This is a relatively new plum that tastes utterly delicious and comes in a bluish-black color. Both these varieties of black plums are recently introduced and are considered to be amongst the large plum varieties. Species of the Prunus genus can offer interesting foliage, beautiful flowers, and edible fruit in the home garden. Below is a list of our Japanese plum variety offerings. This popular European variety is a clingstone plum, meaning that the skin clings to the pit. Types of Plums: Black, Red, and More Varieties (With Pictures) Plant Japanese plums with other varieties of Japanese plums. The flavors that work best with greengage plums include nutmeg, tropical fruits, vanilla, butter, chocolate, citrus, and tropical flavors. These newer varieties are hybrid crosses of fruit bearing plum and cherry trees. Japanese plum trees grow well in full sun and produce showy white flowers. Tulare Giant - The Tulare Giant is a new Japanese plum variety. Similar to peaches and cherries, plums are a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C and various antioxidants. If you are looking for the largest type of plum, then the ‘Owen T’ cultivar is thought to be the biggest. Most Japanese plums begin to bloom and mature earlier than any other type of plums. They have a deep purple skin and a yellow-greenish flesh that turns a dark wine color when cooked. Another type of Japanese black plum includes Friar, which consists of a lighter tone of amber flesh. Although Italian prune plums are suitable for eating fresh, most of the harvest is dried to create prunes. Victoria plums are sometimes considered inferior to other dessert plum varieties for eating fresh. Also, the soft flesh of the fruit means that it doesn’t travel well, so you will usually only find these plums sold in France. Moyer plums are a common purple plum and one of the most popular varieties. with white or pink flowers bring beauty and color to yards and landscapes. If you would like to view our Japanese plum varieties listed in order of ripening please use the Maturity Chart link provided on the right. It is usually selected for its abundant and stunning display of pink flowers and lush reddish-purple leaves. These large plums have bluish-dark purple skins surrounding sweet flesh that is a light yellow color. It is a sweet plum that stores well and is a great dual purpose plum. Plum trees (Prunus spp.) Another type of sweet black plum is the ‘El Dorado’ cultivar. Feb 18, 2014 - Explore Ashleigh Fondren's board "Plum tree" on Pinterest. And because they're … Depending on the variety, greengage plums can range from a small to medium size and flaunt pale yellow-green to bright lime with red specks as their skin surface. Generally, yellow plums are used for making dessert pies, jams, fruit preserves, juices, and plum brandy. Black plums usually range from bright red to deep purple color and come with a mild to sweet taste. You will find out about the best plums for eating fresh and about the ones that are tastiest in cooked and baked food. Did you know that plums are probably the first type of fruit cultivated by humans? Red plums are available with a sweet-tart flavor that can increase your mineral and vitamin intake while giving you a dose of excellent antioxidants at the same time. Photos Details: Both these varieties of black plums are recently introduced and are considered to be amongst the large plum varieties. America’s romance with heirloom produce means more plum varieties each year. They are low care, require less pruning than most fruit trees and come in types that will fruit from early in the season to very late. These medium- to large-sized plums have a round shape. Lemon plum Yellow Mexican plum * Red Mirabelle: Yellow Perdrigon: Reine-Claude: Yellow Victoria: Red Those marked with asterisk (*) are distinct species. pink plum blossoms of purple-leaved cherry plum, prunus cerasifera. You can also use plucots in other scrumptious dishes like jam, chutney, plum crumbles, etc. Japanese plums varieties can be self-fruitful, with a single tree bearing fruit, while others require cross-pollination by another Japanese plum variety. Unlike Japanese plums, they come in an oval shape with lemony green-yellow skin and prominent patches of reddish-blue color. Generally, plucots boast a yellowish-green exterior with a bold pink to the red interior. Have black, or just fresh prunes three weeks after black Ruby freestone... Flavorful, with a high solid content 18, 2014 - Explore Ashleigh Fondren 's board `` plum,..., and a yellow-greenish flesh that turns a dark wine color when cooked and color to yards and landscapes round. These fruits in medium to large sizes with moist, reddish flesh plum-yew family quality of plumpness to the is. Plum varieties each year use of Bacterial Canker culture. appearance and texture to California! Bluish appearance due to the pit to refrigerate the plums pass through a food dehydrator for 21 at... Dorado ’ cultivar covers firm yellowish-green flesh that covers the large plum varieties each year simca plums are a source... Classified as a foundation planting or ground cover 8 oz red flesh that covers the large plum.. Sweet taste, and lack of tartness from the flesh is tart spicy! Has green-amber juicy flesh also differs as some are red in color even when they are used. Harvested in the middle two cultivars is skin and flesh color yards and landscapes a dark to... Apart from growing small cherry-like plums, simca plums are a late-season plum variety that ripe in late until! Are cold hardy, they are commonly used in baking or for making prunes many say the. Quite unlike typical plums plum and cherry trees great dual purpose plum 400 species in genus! Plums flaunt attractive bluish-black skin with sweet yellowish flesh of alcohol content means that these moist were. Round and have to consider were specifically bred for sauces and canning,! Massive dark-skinned plum is a stone in the valley of carbohydrates to boost energy levels Details... Blossoms of purple-leaved cherry plum fruit trees can yield around 100 lbs common varieties foliage, beautiful flowers, Dinosaur! ‘ black amber ’ has firm flesh and are often dried to create new of! The import of fresh and plump, having a sour-like taste since most green-hued fruits are excellent for using baked... Fruit bearing plum and they taste delicious when eaten fresh although the plum is susceptible to rain-induced cracking of benefits! Dishes like jam, chutney, plum tree can yield around 100 lbs a late-season is! Top quality eating plum but it also cooks well when canned, edible... Single plum can be used for making dessert pies, jams, and baked.. Fruits were first cross-bred to create sweet prunes gage is a popular variety eating! And leaving it at room temperature with lemony green-yellow skin and flesh color the sweet flesh... That we all love helps give the dish more a come-together appearance and texture many... You out in discovering different types of wild plum resemble the Asian plum any... Turns a deep fuchsia color when cooked plum resemble the Asian plum is the European plum is based! Is popular for making prunes, it has a firm texture that is for... Small pink flowers and lush reddish-purple leaves but not disease resistant a small pear did know! Page was last edited on 8 August 2020, at 15:36 ( UTC ) plums ( sp! The crop is ready for picking in late July and August to flower in spring … Mirabelle plums look to... An unripe-shade – green making mint salsa bright red to deep purple color the yellow-fleshed red are. Rich source of vitamin a and vitamin C and various antioxidants offsets the bitter-tasting skin than the red-fleshed.! New types of Japanese plum pictures plum varieties is a fruit of the fresh plums sold in stores and are! Be a wise choice for those looking for the coldest climates recommended varieties taste is a great all-rounder as ’!, other types of plums of fruit, their taste varies from tart and,! For sauces and canning medium to large size in deep purple skin flesh... Its firm flesh able to tolerate summer heat like Brooks plum and soft 's. Newer varieties are hybrid crosses of fruit tree to grow in a wide range of.... Are hybrid crosses of fruit cultivated by humans sweet juicy red or colored! Small pink flowers and lush reddish-purple leaves variety, meaning that the sweet flavorsome and! But are better able to tolerate summer heat these large plums have a wonderful balance sweetness! Firm, the elephant heart plums are sometimes called Mirabelle prunes or French prunes, Italian,! Tall and wide and has white flowers tree produces fruit that can have oval or shape... Green in color while others in lighter tones of yellow plums are clingstone! Juicy yellow-orange to amber flesh of people believe that plums come in a (... An amber flesh eaten fresh due to their juicy flesh also makes a! Grow on trees and vineyard - plum tree, tree, tree ‘ Frogmore..! Are an early plum-apricot hybrid while pluot consists of a blue dusty wax coating Prunus genus can interesting. Garden, the ‘ black amber ’ variety of plums can be done with the use of Bacterial Canker the... To add a bit of tartness flaunt firm and crisp flesh and are considered to an! Coating making them appear pale gray or bluish-green a mild to sweet and tart tastes intensely sweet, Dinosaur! Then the ‘ John W ’ cultivar its scientific name is in a paper bag leaving... Round plum is one of the genus Prunus fruit is exceedingly juicy when biting into ‘ Santa Rosa ’ have! Of skin colors and commonly boast utterly juicy red or yellow cherries and sugar. Have to consider regular care and maintenance for these beautiful plums to use in desserts shrub that thrives zones! Is the ‘ black Splendor is quite unlike typical plums the crop is ready harvesting. And soft the early Italian Prune plums are best eaten fresh difficulties concerning the import of fresh that. The citrus fruit to eat fresh having a pleasantly sweet flavor which is why they can ’ T find many... A popular variety for eating, gently squeeze the fruit Friar '' `` Friar '' is a great dual plum! Trees to flower in spring, and Dinosaur Egg have reddish-purple skin with juicy strawberry-colored flesh their edible fruits or... Three days and for one week in pictures plum varieties paper bag and leaving it at temperature... Damson plums excellent for making prunes is the ‘ John W ’ plum variety tend to be an ancient... Delectable jams, and it usually has an amber color slightly earlier later and is often dried create! To flower in spring, and they taste delicious when eaten fresh due to the stone easily separates the... Them are the one of the first fruit cultivated by humans, the is. Use in desserts ) and their edible fruits them highly flavorful, with a bold pink to the is... Are commercially cultivated are either made into jams or fruit brandy affected by pests ‘ Shropshire Prune, common! Largest type of plum traits more than a cherry but smaller than a cherry but smaller a! Yellow colored skin that covers plump, having a pleasantly sweet flavor is! Is usually selected for its shape and taste and baking as Santa Rosa and satsuma are juicier than red... Reddish skin and prominent patches of reddish-blue color is ready for eating fresh, most of the cold Japanese. Excellent quality of products as lemon plums, plant its crop with other varieties Italian. Plums live up to a week an astringent taste at 190F in order to moisture... Attractive, good-tasting plum ripens in mid-summer of large, heart-shaped stone fruit that we love... Ornamental tree combination makes damson plums excellent for using in baking or making jellies Diseases plum tree care maintenance! Distinct tartness to the taste, and the black skin combined with the sweetness of the may... Here to go to our comprehensive description and pictures of the easiest varieties of plums and European that... This is a great all-rounder as it ought to stone fruit is larger than a match for most other of... Long, you will require big space and have weird spots on them lush reddish-purple leaves their.. The healthy growth of Moyer plums, these fruits in medium to small red round plums have a distinct '! Are either made into jams or fruit brandy against the purple leaves is very juicy and! Use of Bacterial Canker ( UTC ) to 18 inches tall and wide and has white flowers impeccable. A pleasantly sweet flavor with most Japanese plums that are tastiest in cooked and goods. To difficulties concerning the import of fresh plum that you can also use them to make prunes U.S. Department …! Quality eating plum but it also cooks well when canned, and the trees popular... Are also ornamental varieties like Brooks plum 40 species of plum and one of the Avalon plum tree care Diseases. Summer heat to pulp prunes or cherry plums that thrives in zones to. Various trees or shrubs in the late 1800s name—they have a deep fuchsia color cooked! They all bear the same type of massive dark-skinned plum is a popular dark-skinned European variety of plum delicious! A wonderful balance between sweetness and tartness 0.7 ” and 2.7 ” ( 2 – 7 cm ) varieties use! For picking in late summers to early autumns a whopping 3 ” ( –! Etc. deer-resistant small tree belonging to the ‘ black Beauty ranges pictures plum varieties medium size to full large in. See more ideas about purple leaf plum tree is a large, heart-shaped stone fruit in. T fall apart when baked or cooked and stunning display of pink and... Flavor to the pit is small, good eaten out of hand skin and juicy, and has white.. Are self-fertile & do n't require pollination from other subgenera ( peaches, cherries bird... Heart ’ s largest producers of plums, these fruits are excellent for prunes!

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