How do you colour Christmas?


I love Christmas. I always have and hopefully I always will. The holiday season just makes me happy.  I am one of those people who puts their tree up early and takes it down late – usually at the end of January. I typically start decorating the weekend after American Thanksgiving but this year I […]

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Tech-savvy Thieves Don’t Need Your Keys


While the technology in our vehicles continues to evolve, so do sophisticated auto thieves who are using technology to bypass security systems and electronically gain access to Canadians’ vehicles. Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is finding that technology is having a major impact on vehicle thefts, evident in its annual list, released today, of Canada’s most frequently stolen vehicles. […]

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Rogers Pro-On-the-Go


It was time to upgrade my phone, but I didnt want to order one and wait for it to be sent to me in the mail. I called my local Rogers Stores but none of them had the colour or memory I desired. So I went to order online and saw this Order your new […]

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Do you know what to do If you get into an automobile accident?


Half of all Canadian drivers admit they don’t know what to do immediately after having an accident. And that’s a costly mistake for drivers who can find themselves quickly overwhelmed or taken advantage of, a new survey by Aviva Canada shows. Navigating through the claims journey can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Accidents […]

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Holidays cancelled? Canadians would use the money to save, invest and pay off debt


Canadians across the country think that there are better ways to spend their money than on the holidays, according to the Holiday Spending in Canada, 2019 report by Mylo, the popular Canadian saving and investing app. The report, which surveyed over 3,000 Canadians, found that 60 percent believed that the amount the average Canadian will spend on the holidays […]

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