Don’t be an April Fool!

girl surprise

Ah, April Fools. The tradition is so thoroughly embedded in our culture that I don’t even remember the first time I was pranked. I do remember wanting to prank someone else, though. Trickier runs thick in the blood of humanity, it would seem. April Fools certainly isn’t a new tradition. The first written account of […]

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My Dream Holiday Outfit


The holidays just around the corner means holiday parties are upon us! I get so excited about dressing up – bring me color and glitter galore! Here are my favorite picks from Net-A-Porter, a girl can dream right?

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Stockings Hung by the Chimney #CTChristmas


With only 9 days left until Christmas it’s time to starting checking off that holiday to-do-list. Whether you have a few more presents to pick up, a little more baking for all your guests, or get those decorations up. And when it comes to decorations, sometimes your house needs that last little touch to truly […]

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